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The supercharged Ninja H2 was created to offer riders something they had never experienced. But Kawasaki’s answer to the “ultimate” motorcycle was merely the opening act. Now, for their second supercharger challenge Kawasaki brings the unique sensory experience of a supercharged engine to the sport tourer category with the new Ninja H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE.

Where the Ninja H2 – and the sensational Ninja H2R upon which it is based – were born from a pure pursuit of performance, the new Ninja H2 SX was designed from the beginning for real-world applications. Its Balanced Supercharged Engine was developed for everyday street-riding situations, offering an output stronger than the H2 in the low-mid range combined with superb fuel efficiency. Its versatile engine character enables relaxed long-distance riding, easy manageability at slow speeds, and – when called upon – the exhilarating acceleration that only a supercharged engine can deliver.

Thanks to its light weight – in standard trim, the Ninja H2 SX weighs only 18 kg more than the Ninja H2 – the Ninja H2 SX has a power-to-weight ratio between that of the Ninja H2 and Ninja ZX-14R. The formidable acceleration potential that results is coupled with a high level of touring comfort care of a relaxed, sporty riding position, superb ride comfort, a blend of reassuring high-speed stability and agile handling, a host of touring features, Electronic Cruise Control, and Kawasaki’s latest IMU-equipped electronics package. Its Ninja H2-derived trellis frame also accommodates a passenger and luggage, allowing riders to share their experience.

Riders can choose from two model variations: the standard Ninja H2 SX; or the SE-model, which offers an even higher level of quality, and additional equipment that includes Kawasaki’s first TFT LCD meter and LED cornering lights.

Whether you enjoy winding through the mountains, riding across the plains, or just heading down the highway, the Ninja H2 SX will forever change your touring experience.

Supercharge YOUR journey with the new Ninja H2 SX.


Overall length 2,135 mm

Overall width 775 mm

Overall height ZX1002A 1,205 mm

     ZX1002B 1,260 mm

Wheelbase 1,480 mm

Road clearance 130 mm

Seat height 835 mm

(EUR/USA/CAN/AUS/S.E. Asia (B1/B3)/


820 mm (JPN)

Curb mass   ZX1002A 256 kg

        ZX1002B 260 kg

Fuel tank capacity 19 litres


Max. power 147.1 kW {200 PS} / 11,000 min-1


147 kW {200 PS} / 10,000 min-1 (USA/CAN)

147 kW {200 PS} / 11,000 min-1 (JPN)

110.3 kW {150 PS} / 8,000 min-1 (S.E. Asia (B1))

125.0 kW {170 PS} / 9,000 min-1 (THA)

Max. power 154.1 kW {210 PS} / 11,000 min-1

with Ram Air (EUR/AUS/S.E. Asia (B3)/PHL/CHN/BRA)

154 kW {210 PS} / 10,000 min-1 (USA/CAN)

154 kW {210 PS} / 11,000 min-1 (JPN)

115.0 kW {157 PS} / 8,000 min-1 (S.E. Asia (B1))

131.0 kW {178 PS} / 9,000 min-1 (THA)

Max. torque 137.3 N·m {14.0 kgƒ·m} / 9,500 min-1


137 N·m {14.0 kgƒ·m} / 9,500 min-1 (USA/CAN/JPN)

128.5 N·m {13.1 kgƒ·m} / 8,000 min-1 (S.E. Asia (B1))

133.4 N·m {13.6 kgƒ·m} / 8,200 min-1 (THA)


Type 4st, 4-cyl, DOHC, W/C

Displacement 998 cm3

Bore and Stroke 76.0 x 55.0 mm

Compression ratio 11.2:1

Fuel supply Fuel injection (ø40 x 4)

Lubrication system Forced Lub, Wet

Starting system EL. Starter

Ignition system B&C (TCBI EL. ADV. D.)


Driving system Chain

Transmission 6-speed, return

Gear ratios: 1st 3.077 (40/13) [JPN: 3.076 (40/13)]

2nd 2.471 (42/17) [JPN: 2.470 (42/17)]

3rd 2.045 (45/22)

4th 1.727 (38/22)

5th 1.524 (32/21) [JPN: 1.523 (32/21)]

6th 1.348 (31/23) [JPN: 1.347 (31/23)]

Primary reduction ratio 1.480 (74/50)

Final reduction ratio 2.444 (44/18)

Clutch type (Primary) Wet, multi-disc


Type Trellis, high-tensile steel

Suspension: Front Telescopic fork

  Rear New Uni-Trak Swingarm

Wheel travel: Front 120 mm

Rear 139 mm

Caster (Rake angle) 24.7o

Trail 103 mm

Steering angle (left/right) 30o / 30o

Tyre:    Front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)

   Rear 190/55ZR17M/C (75W)

Brake:    Front Type Dual disc

   Effect. dia 287 mm [JPN: 286 mm]

   Rear Type Single disc

   Effect. dia 223 mm [JPN: 222 mm]