Mule Pro-MX 4x4

700 Side-by-Side

Mule Pro-MX 4x4


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MOST DEPENDABLE MIDSIZE OUTDOOR PARTNER. Kawasaki’s wide range of MULE models mean that there is a MULE for every job, no matter how big or how small


Smaller than the full-sized PRO Series models, and larger than the compact MULE SX models, the new midsize PRO-MX lineup complements the more work-focused MULE 4000 Series, giving customers another capable choice for farm, ranch or cottage duty. Strong engine performance from the fuel-injected 700cc Single is backed by Kawasaki’s trademark MULE performance, durability and comfort, and complemented by rugged no-nonsense styling inspired by the MULE PRO Series flagship models. Compared to the 4000 Series models, the PRO-MX models offer a higher top speed, and a wider tread and longer wheelbase, making them ideal midsize partners for both work and outdoor pursuits.



Overall length 2,795 mm

Overall width 1,525 mm

Overall height KAF700A/B 1,890 mm

KAF700C/D 1,925 mm

Wheelbase 2,005 mm

Road clearance 270 mm

Seat height 850 mm

Dry weight –

Curb mass KAF700A 716 kg [717 kg in California]

KAF700B 719 kg (EUR)

720 kg (USA/CAN) [721 kg in California]

KAF700C 723 kg [724 kg in California]

KAF700D 725 kg [726 kg in California]

Fuel tank capacity 36 litres


Max. power 32.8 kW {45 PS} / 6,000 min-1 (EUR)

Max. torque 33 kW {45 PS} / 6,000 min-1 (USA/CAN)

57.6 N·m {5.9 kgƒ·m} / 5,000 min-1 (EUR)

58 N·m {5.9 kgƒ·m} / 5,000 min-1 (USA/CAN)

Max. load on cargo 317 kg [272 kg in California]

Min. turning radius 4.2 m

Cargo box (inside) L x W x H 847 x 1,119 x 232 mm

Seating capacity 2

Max. permissible load 544 kg [499 kg in California]


Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single-cylinder,

SOHC 4-valve

Bore and Stroke 102.0 x 85.0 mm

Displacement 695 cm3

Compression ratio 10.3:1

Fuel supply Fuel injection (ø44 mm x 1)

Lubrication system Forced Lub. Wet

Starting system EL. Starter

Ignition system Battery & coil


Driving system Primary reduction: belt converter

2WD/4WD: drive shaft

Transmission 2-sp automatic, rev.

Gear ratios: Forward (High) 3.486 (27/25 x 46/19 x 24/18)

Forward (Low) 6.646 (35/17 x 46/19 x 24/18)

Reverse 5.311 (39/26 x 34/31 x 46/19 x 24/18)

Primary reduction ratio 0.791 ~ 2.451

Final reduction ratio: Front 4.375 (35/8)

Rear 4.375 (35/8)


Type Steel tube

Suspension: Front Double wishbone

Rear Double wishbone

Wheel travel: Front 218 mm

Rear 232 mm

Steering KAF700A Rack & Pinion

KAF700B/C/D Rack & Pinion with EPS

Caster (Rake angle) 5.0o

Trail –

Steering angle (Left, Right) 40o (IN) / 30o (OUT), 40o (IN) / 30o (OUT)

Tyre:    Front 25 x 8.00R12

Rear 25 x 10.00R12

Brake: Front Type Hydraulic disc

Effect. dia 186 mm

Rear Type Hydraulic disc

Effect. dia 174 mm

Parking brake Auto adjust mechanical disc

Tread (F/R) 1,322 mm / 1,285 mm